Get the most from Omni Scenarios

The scenarios are ready to use as written – you can print them out or send a link to your students. However, you can also modify the scenarios as you see fit!

We present a few tips and tricks to get the most out of Omni Scenarios:

  1. Removing intermediate questions makes the problems more difficult. Alternatively, you can add some more for additional guidance. 
  2. Removing constants or values that can be easily found online forces the students to look for them on their own or make assumptions. 
  3. Adding unnecessary values is a good way to test students’ confidence and simulate a real-life situation where you have to filter out irrelevant information. It also increases the difficulty level.
  4. Modifying the given values or randomizing them prevents students from copying or cheating. You can use our calculators to check their work afterwards.
  5. Using values that differ with each student (for example “your height” or “your birthday”) is also a way to prevent cheating. 

If you’re writing your own scenario, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. One of the factors that best correlates with learning is the effort put in by the student. The problems you pick for your students should be engaging and challenging, but still doable. 
  2. Open-ended questions are a good way to test the students’ understanding of the topic at hand. Their non-repeatable nature makes them more difficult to cheat on and harder than pure computational questions. 
  3. There might be more than one way to approach each problem. Ideally, you don’t want only one correct solution – encourage out-of-the-box thinking!