What are Omni Scenarios?

Omni Scenarios is a free collection of unique lesson scenarios for Math and Physics. These multi-step word problems are designed to bring out students’ understanding of underlying concepts.

Why are we building them?

  • To help teachers conduct engaging classes and guide the process of learning
  • To help students understand scientific concepts
  • To help students look at the world through the lens of science
  • To prove to students that science is useful in real life (“when am I ever going to use it?”)

We’re not teaching formulas and arithmetic skills. Instead, our scenarios put the emphasis on understanding and critical thinking.

How can you use them?

  • As exercises solved in class, either individually or in groups
  • As an interesting introduction to a new scientific concept
  • As homework assignments or projects
  • As test material (although we’re not 100% sure of this yet, let us know!)

Who are we?

We’re part of the team behind The Omni Calculator Project, a huge repository of high-quality calculators. The initial set of scenarios is being created by Alvaro Diez, a physicist from the University of Warsaw, and Maciej Kowalski, a mathematician doing his PhD at the Polish Academy of Science.

Where are we now?

We have created what we call an MVP – a Minimum Viable Product. We wrote the first scenarios after consulting a few teachers. Now, we want to test them with a small group of teachers and make this small group very, very happy. We are here to learn – do you need these scenarios? Do you find them useful? How can we make them better?

What do we need from you?

We’d love it if you gave our scenarios a shot and told us what you think. Use the comment section below each scenario (even if you’re not planning to use them – tell us why!). Hopefully, we’ll get to build something both teachers and students love.